Keith Blakeman

Managing Director, Creative Solutions NE Ltd.

Over the last few months we have been working with David. He has helped us tremendously, not only in the business but as an individual I found his input and support to be fantastic, making a big difference to me and ultimately my company.

Before working with David we lacked some of the drive to move forward getting bogged down with everyday issues with no one to talk to. It really does make a difference having a friendly ear, from a polite and professional individual.

David has helped us focus the business and brought in accountability meaning tasks were done in a timelier manor driving the business to greater success. We now have more work more regularly and some great systems in place taking stress out of the day to day running of the business.  We have seen a genuine return on our investment of 10 fold, money well spent!

In short give David a chance to work with you, I have no doubt you will improve your business and gain a friend in the process.

Caroll Pattison

Fund Director, Evening Chronicle Sunshine Fund.

Having recently taken on the role of Fund Director I knew I realised I had skills gaps therefore would require support to develop the fund and myself.  I was lucky enough to meet David who offers a very different approach to the typical support you normally find.

David has given me direction, knowledge and skills to allow me to direct the charity, and new team, in a fresh direction. David has supported me in many ways, from realising the vision I had was achievable through to developing the strategy, translating this into the business plan, marketing and team development.  He has specifically supported me on understanding myself and others and how to adapt to achieve my goals.

He has been my sounding board, a sense check, and has made sure that I am going in the right direction.  He has pulled me outside my comfort zone, whilst supporting me.

I would highly recommend David.  He is professional, approachable and genuinely wants to see your business succeed.  Thanks David, Caroll

Alan Scott

Owner. Shield Chiropractic Clinic.

I engaged David as a Business Coach to support me breaking through an apparent glass ceiling within the business.  David came in and supported us in defining the internal processes which would allow us to break through this glass ceiling as well the new structure for the business.  This has allowed us to bring in further business which was not possible before his support.  A clear ROI has been seen on my time and investment.

Jeff Thompson

Commercial Director, Business Impact UK Ltd (BIUK)

Facet Solutions has worked closely with Business Impact UK to strategically engage with large employers in significant management and workforce development programmes by understanding our business and assisting in the positioning of our service offer. Facet Solutions are a high value adding partner.

Mat Chapman

Life Long Learning Manager. First Group.

David has shown that he is a true business partner. He understanding what the business needs are and then is tenacious is achieving the required outcomes. I have worked with David during his time at Intraining and this has carried on since he established Facet Solutions Ltd. David is good to do business with and would recommend him to other people and businesses.

Alison Townson

HR Director — Organisational Development. Brakes Group.

I have worked with David since 2005 during his time at Intraining and Carter & Carter where he developed with us a National Qualification program for the Brakes Group. He was particularly effective in the development of the program, engaging with the National Distribution Network and project managing from a tactical as well as strategic level. David was a true Business Partner. I would not hesitate to engage David again in the future and recommending his work to others.