Hiring a Professional Business Coach

As many business owners and senior managers are trying to get a better grip on business matters as they juggle family life, with the demands and pressures of maintaining a decent level of profit.

Business owners who go on to hire a professional Business Coach often report an almost immediate change to their stress and positivity levels – an overall clearer vision for their business and future – all reinforced by real positive changes and differences they can see in their business, as we actively push you and your business closer to (and in many cases way beyond!) your goals.

Professional Business Coaches help Business leaders focus on business and personal growth.

“What having a personal trainer is to your body, having a personal coach can be to your mind” said Thomas Leonard, founder of Coach University, “Coaches are not quite mentors (because they get paid), not quite consultants (because they stick with you after making recommendations) and not quite counsellors (they’re trained to refer you if what you really need is therapy)”.

“My job as a Professional Business Coach is to help my clients in whatever they want to do, enable them to visualise, clarify and reach their goals. The people I am currently working with are in the main already successful but are looking to maintain and or regain their competitive edge” – David Steel

People at all stages of their professional development are hiring business coaches. It’s not a coincidence that coaching appeals to successful business people, young or old the added value a business coach brings is a non judgemental appraisal offering thought provoking questioning which allows the client to achieve the results they are looking for faster and more effectively than if they are on their own.

Some companies hire coaches to help mid to senior level managers / executives iron-out relationships with employees or get them working more effectively as a team. Many SME business owners seek out coaches to keep them on track as they build their businesses or identify which is the best way to go when at a juncture of the business.

Sometimes it just needs a little outside help to get the business back on track, “When you are at the coal face it is sometimes difficult to see the track you are taking” using a business coach can take you away from the coal face and allow you time to breath and see where you are going. A consultant could tell you are going in the wrong direction and tell you how to solve the problem. A business coach will guide you along the path and allow you to fix the problem yourself – that way you learn to become self-sufficient!

How do you know if the coach is for you? Well, most coaches offer a free session to see if you gel… it has to be a two way street, and if you’ve given it your best shot and it’s not working after a couple of months… maybe you should change them!

But before you select a coach ask yourself what it is that you want to get out of the engagement.

In previous generations, it was acceptable to keep your head down, work hard and you would succeed, it is different today, there are no jobs for life, individuals have to take control of their own destiny and manage their own future… take control of yours give me a call today and put me in your corner so you can take control of your own destiny and I can be your secret weapon!