What’s your message? How to Build a Strong Marketing Message for Your Business

Successful businesses put a lot of effort into their marketing.  A big part of this is to understand the message you need to give to customers and prospects, to your friends and to anyone who might give you a business referral.  The message is about how you sell yourself, what image you project, how you are perceived in meetings, in fact whenever you interact with anyone outside your business.  How do you measure up?

So let’s talk about what message you want to get across, how you can define it, how to get it across in all the different media, in face to face discussions and in letters/emails… and how you can do this at reasonable cost!

The first rule of sales is that “people buy from people”.  In other words…

  • The first thing you have to sell is yourself!
  • Next… your company;
  • Finally, the product – until they like you and have confidence in your company they won’t buy your product.

So how do you get your company message and your product message across in your various communication media… your business cards, your web site, in your marketing flyers, etc?

To help, here’s an example… Think of an accountancy practice called Smiths Ltd.  It’s a valid company name but it gives no idea of what service they offer.  Change it to Smiths Accountants, now the name says what they do, it gives a message.  Now what if the name became Smiths Accountants, the Tax Saving Specialists?  The name has become a sales pitch!  Everyone wants to reduce their tax bill!  So in this simple example you’ve generated interest, provoked curiousness and made your prospects more engaged.

At the other end of the scale, Coca Cola have no need for such a message in their name… they have spent billions of $s to make the brand a household name.  I’m guessing you don’t have the same marketing budget!  However, in your business you too can help people understand what you’re good at – and then they might even try you out!

So adding a simple strap line to your name can help to get your message across, differentiating you from your competitors and raising awareness of what you do well.

Here’s a simple exercise to come up with a great marketing message for your business.  Ask yourself these questions:

1. What is special about your offering that you could make into a sales pitch, a strap line?

2. What is different about your business?

3. Now think of three ways that your business stands out from the crowd – from your competitors.

4. Why not get your team together and create one today?

It can even become part of your company name and logo, so that every time people see your name in adverts, on letterheads or email addresses, on your web site, on your business cards, they register a direct association.  Here are some well-known corporate examples…

Volkswagen, das auto reminding you that it is a German car, associated with quality

Easyjet.com written all over their planes to show that it is easy to book online – the first airline to do this

Microsoft – your potential, our passion… appealing to your wish to succeed and how they think alike

But don’t stop there – the strap line can be expanded into a 30 second sound bite of what is good about your company or your key product.  This becomes your “Elevator Speech” – when you have 30 seconds with a key prospect to get your message across before the doors open and you’ve missed your chance!   Have you got one that you can reel off with confidence in such circumstances?

Above all the message must be compelling… it has to be seriously attention grabbing.

Remember – you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!