Basic Tips for Social Media Marketing

It’s the talk of the moment… maybe you’ve even seen the movie!  The truth is, though that we can no longer ignore Social Media Marketing.  It’s here to stay… and it will only get bigger.  If you’re new to the subject here are some hints and tips to bear in mind as you get started…

Online marketing is no doubt helpful for most businesses but there should be a proper marketing strategy to implement your internet marketing strategy to get the desired results. A proper plan will let you know the goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them.

As ever, a properly laid out plan saves time in the long run and allows you to invest your time and money effectively in the right areas of social media marketing. Here are 8 easy steps you need to take to develop an effective strategy to get the best results.


It is important to assess the viability of each of the opportunities available in the market. You should look at what your competitors are doing… and at what price. Whilst there are millions of people on social media websites, only a small cross section will be relevant to your business, so you need to carefully analyse your target market before offering them something.


Be realistic!  You cannot use every social media channel unless you are able to allocate a massive budget for this purpose. Define exactly why you are using social media marketing for your business and then short list the channels to market your services or products.


Set 3 realistic short term goals for each channel you decide to use.  Test and measure the responses and if you are not getting the desired results then fine tune your strategy… and if that doesn’t work try another channel. Your specific action plan is truly important and it should be clearly defined in your strategy.


Content creation is important – it requires focused and consistent effort – but remember that you cannot go for every available option.  You need to decide what you want to publish and where. Blog posts, Tweets, Facebook updates and YouTube videos are some of the available options for you that get the maximum exposure in minimum time… but be selective and focused.


One of the absolute strengths of social media networking is the ease with which you can make contact with your chosen market and share information in a few seconds.  You can link your website or blog to Twitter and Facebook so that all your updates are communicated to the people in your network.  You can save time too through this optimisation as it means that you don’t need to post updates on individual pages or profiles.


Keep good records of everything happening during your social media marketing campaign. Keep records of the people in your network and the page “likes” you get and compare them each week or month to find how effective your campaign is – by watching the change in trends. This will give you some genuine feedback of what your prospects are looking for… and areas that could be improved.


It is important to determine a plan and then to stay on schedule.  Setting realistic goals that you can achieve in the given time is crucial to success.  Remember… time is money so you should always use it wisely!

It’s an area of massive opportunity, but also with its own challenges… so don’t be afraid of getting involved, but DO seek expert help!