How to spot the signs that your organisation may be in need of a Health Check.

In this modern day of people being able to Google just about anything, and find an answer or solution to a problem, the up and coming manager knows only too well the importance of having someone, or something to turn to that can provide answers to problems, or at the very least provide useful information in their search for answers.  This article is all about how to spot the signs that your business may be in need of some help.

Below are 25 signs your business might be in need of a Health Check.

  1. One of the obstacles more established companies face is that Influential Senior Managers are in their last jobs, and have no desire or incentive to seek outside guidance or help.  As a result, change is viewed as a threat, and those that crave change are viewed as trouble makers.  With the new generation of younger managers coming through, confidence in Senior Management is diminished and can lead to conflict.
  2. Managers are reluctant to recommend their best staff members for further training, for fear they will create a rival.
  3. Employees are expected to “get on” with their jobs, and never receive acknowledgement or recognition for the work they do.
  4. Internal conflicts amongst staff are not confronted and left to escalate.
  5. There is always some sort of rumours flying around within the company.
  6. Senior managers suppress any new ideas, or suggestions on how to improve a process believing that the way it has always been done is the right way, or else believing all suggestions for improvement should come from them.
  7. Key decisions are taken without first discussing it with the staff it directly affects, thus leading to a sense of staff feeling undervalued and unimportant.
  8. Staff not being team players by adopting a “that’s not my job attitude” and not willing to be flexible.
  9. Staff not quite sure what their roles and responsibilities are within an organisation.
  10. Non recognition of a job well done, or someone stepping out of their role for the benefit of the organisation.
  11. People in different parts of the organisation unwilling to help, or try and understand the importance of people in other roles e.g. Sales and Accounts staff recognising that each is an important part in the future growth of the organisation.
  12. When an employee suddenly resigns and the manager is taken by surprise suggests that the manager doesn’t know what is going on, and is not in tune with his staff.
  13. A blame culture exists within the organisation.
  14. There is a hardcore of staff who will moan when someone tries to make improvements to the way things are done, to such a point that the management will decide to leave things as they were.
  15. People who have undergone training or coaching are ridiculed, and shown little support to implement their learning’s into the workplace.
  16. Staff have stopped trying to perform to the best of their ability, because they feel undervalued, and have adopted the “why should I bother, no-one notices attitude”.
  17. Cost cutting measures are seen as unfair, petty, and on the big scale of things, unlikely to make any difference.
  18. Everyone can see that an immense amount of time is being wasted, and no-one is doing anything about it.
  19. Certain people seem to be doing all the work, while others seem to get away with doing nothing all day.
  20. Key performance indicators are not personally measured, so it’s everybody’s fault when things don’t get done.
  21. Nobody within the organisation seems to be having any fun, or enjoyment in the course of their work.
  22. People feel insecure in their jobs, and uncertain where the company is going.
  23. The organisation relies heavily upon a small number of clients or suppliers.
  24. Employees are just there because they have to be, and cant wait to clock out and get gone.
  25. There are people within the organisation who don’t seem to do anything in particular, and turn up everyday, disrupt other people and get paid for doing it.

If any of the above sound familiar, then your company would see a huge benefit in speaking with one of our Business Coaches, so they could show you how working with a Business Coach, can help you Take your Business where you want it to go, whilst maintaining a Happy and Eager workforce.