Breaking through the Change Barrier

Lots of us know we need to make important changes in our lives, careers or businesses but for some reason we just do not get around to doing it.

We are just not able to kick our current habits for long enough to even attempt making a change.

Then there are those amongst us who go through the motions of initiating change, but quickly fall back into an existing comfort zone, which by all accounts may not be as comfortable as appears on the surface.

A large percentage of you reading this will testify to not being interested or fulfilled in your current role. There are so many people who tolerate living from pay cheque to pay cheque. Current figures suggest that as many as 70% of new business ventures fail within 5 years. Medical authorities indicate that stress related illnesses are increasing at alarming rates. Levels of obesity are on the increase while not that many of us can truly claim that we are at the peak of our fitness levels!

Obviously there are a plethora of changes we could make that would lead to a fuller and happier life – but we just don’t know how to go about it.

Here’s a simple approach that can help you in making that important change that you have been thinking about.

1.Remove Clutter – For those of you who spend time in the garden you know that when you want your plants to thrive the first thing that you must do is clear a space to plant the seeds. As you know nothing grows where there are weeds or unfertile ground. The same applies to your mind. If your mind is already running at full capacity you will not have the space to sow the seeds of change. Therefore you will not have the time or energy to cultivate the seeds so that they may grow. Stress is the weed of the mind!

2.Why is this change so important to you? – The greatest barrier to change is the lack of clarity on what is actually important to you. More often than not the change that we are attempting fails because it is not what we truly desire. So we need to set out by making sure that this change that we are attempting is something that we are not willing to do without.

We need to be very clear on this. We need to take into account everything which will be impacted by this change. A change in job role may have an impact on our family life. If we value our family life more than our job role then we are not going to be 100% committed to this change, are we? It is very easy to motivate yourself to do something which is congruous with your values.

3. Step by Step approach – Once you have the end line in sight it is much easier to break the journey into a step by step map of how to get there. Plan, timescale and make sure that you celebrate the small successes along the way.

4.Make best use of your Strengths – It is not our perceived weaknesses that get us over the finishing line. We need to concentrate on our strengths and how we can best apply them to the change that we are about to make. The perceived areas of weakness are opportunities for education along the way but it is our strengths that will inevitably carry us through to the “promised land”. In business for example, if we believe that we are not strong on accounts then we need our plan to include partnering, employing or outsourcing someone who is strong in this area. This will allow us to concentrate on applying our own strengths to the task at hand.

What are YOUR strengths?  Write them down!

5.Remain Focused – As one famous golfer said “the more I practice, the luckier I get”. We have got to stay on track with our plan. We can never take our eyes from the end prize. In order to do this we must create a strong support structure that will keep us on track when we waver or when barriers are thrown in front of us.

What important changes do you want to achieve over the next few months?

Do you need help getting there?