The Facet Solutions approach to Behavioural Development:

Businesses are increasingly recognising the benefits of training their staff to identify different behaviours and using that information to improve communication, avoid conflicts and utilise the strengths of others to produce better results by increasing performance and motivation.

By using simple and highly effective behavioural profiling tools and development programs such as DiSC®, it is possible to understand the different behavioural styles and use this knowledge to improve communication skills and reduce conflict – benefiting personal and professional relationships alike.

DiSC® is the most trusted behavioural learning instrument in the world. DiSC® is based on more than 80 years of research and development and is used across the globe in hundreds of training and coaching applications, with around 70% of FTSE 500 companies having used the system at some point.  Find out more; DiSC® Behavioural Profiling.

Find out more about Facet Solutions Behaviour Development Programs.


The Facet Solutions approach to Leadership & Management Development:

Facet Solutions base the Leadership & Management Development around tried a tested approach which develops true lasting change.  The basis of this lies within;

  • The Emerging Manager: you will develop your team, encourage them to plan and manage their own work, learning how to address performance issues, ultimately helping you to make the transition form ‘Manager’ to ‘Leader’… More Information>>
  • Leading from the Front: This programme will instil in you a deeper understanding of your own style and approach which will lead you to make better choices and develop your presence as a Leader that people will want to follow… More Information>>

We then overlay behavioural understanding and knowledge with business acumen development to generate a bespoke solution generating embed long lasting change within the individuals and business alike.