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The Importance of Change Management.

In recent years the importance of a committed, dependable workforce has significantly increased when looking at how resilient a business is in this time of economic stagnation. However, having a loyal, dedicated workforce is not always enough, businesses have to constantly adapt, merge departments, adjust… Continue reading »

Learning what to stop doing…

Peter Drucker once said, “Most leaders don’t need to learn what to do… they need to learn what to stop.” How true!  Can you imagine your boss admitting a personal failing and outlining his efforts to stop doing it? Probably not!  And there are probably… Continue reading »

What can we learn from the Olympics?

Over the last few weeks we’ve all been watching the world’s best athletes and sports people compete in the London Olympics. What an incredibly talented array of high performers we’ve had the privilege to watch! But what can we, as business folk, learn from what… Continue reading »

The difference between success and failure

The difference between success and failure is as fine as a razor’s edge It has often been said the line which separates winning from losing is as fine as a razor’s edge – and it is.  In today’s challenging business environment, it’s the small differences… Continue reading »

When NOT being yourself is a strength!

I worked with a coaching client a few years ago who, by his own admission, wasn’t a great salesman.  He also knew that he was exceptional at keeping customers happy and had an incredibly loyal customer base who loved the thoughtful and attentive service that… Continue reading »