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Grade your Customers

One of our Olympic lessons was about the need to focus on the important things in your business, not spending time, resources and effort on things that are not going to deliver your key objectives. One thing to consider is to carefully choose who you… Continue reading »

Marketing tools for business #3

SWOT Analysis How many businesses do you know where they don’t seem to have a real appreciation of what their real strengths are?  Businesses that seem intent on wasting their experience or long developed assets simply on a whim? Here’s a business tool you can… Continue reading »

Marketing tools for Business #2

The inevitability of change How many times have you heard a business owner say of their sales or profit performance “my business has plateaued”? We hear it all the time and our reply is simply this: Be clear – if your business is not actually… Continue reading »

Marketing tools for Business #1

One of the things we often get asked is “why do you use theoretical tools when working with business owners – can’t we be a bit more practical? Well we’re going to look at a number of techniques that could be described as “theoretical” but… Continue reading »

Are you leveraging your resources?

If you could find a reliable way to access a target market of potential customers so you don’t waste your valuable resources on unfocused high volume marketing, would you do it?  This idea is not new – but it’s one of the least exploited opportunities… Continue reading »