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Do you aspire to be a successful business owner? Perhaps you’re already one but would like to keep ahead of the competition and future-proof your business, or maybe you’re a statistic in the making.

Increase your Business Performance through people and process development.  Facet Solutions help out clients achieve this by offering Business Coaching & Consultancy and People Development allowing your business aspirations become a reality.

Business Growth

At Facet Solutions Ltd we know there are many facets to your business and the routes you take your business in are individual, once these are identified & understood you will grow and improve its performance.  Through careful consultation, we help you decide the best path to take, then support you every step of the way.

Behavioural Development

We all have our own interpersonal strengths – truly effective people know their talents and find opportunities to maximise their skills.

Businesses are increasingly recognising the benefits of training their staff to identify different behaviours (Emotional Intelligence) and using that information to improve communication avoid conflicts and utilise the strengths of others to produce better results by increasing performance and motivation.

Within the Business Growth Cycle we focus on the Leadership & Management Development of key employees within the company to enable these key people grow with the company to allow the personal and business growth aspirations be realised.


To grow your business we know that the blend of support is crucial.  We have developed a unique approach of coaching, training and consultancy which is the key to our clients understanding and achieving their aspirations.


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